GoDaddy Photography Network

Shoot gigs that support local businesses and build communities.

GoDaddy Photography Network

Shoot gigs that support local businesses and build communities.


You focus on the shots. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • 1-2 hour shoots
  • No editing or scheduling required
  • Quick, easy payment

How It Works

Whether you’re looking to build out your professional portfolio or supplement gaps in your schedule, the GoDaddy Photo Network keeps you working and gets you paid.



Join a nationwide network of photographers dedicated to delivering high-quality photography to small businesses in every community.


Pick Up

Jobs are circulated to nearby photographers, and you can pick up as many gigs as your freelance schedule allows.


Go Shoot

Get to know local business owners in your community, and use your skill and creativity to bring their stories to life.


Get Paid

You don’t have to worry about the hassle of post-production. Just send us your deliverables, and we’ll promptly process your payment.

Join our nationwide network of freelance photographers.

We’ve all got our own distinct hustles, but we’re on a singular mission to produce vivid and dynamic imagery that helps local businesses grow.

From behind the camera...

Javier Fernandez

“Telling stories through photographs has always been a dream of mine. Being able to help businesses in my community is very fulfilling because I know my work is helping other business owners like myself elevate their brand and exposure all while simultaneously building community.”

Franca Frossini

“Working as a photographer for GoDaddy has been a great experience. As a freelancer, every day presents a new experience, a new challenge, a new client, and a new story. I love that! I’ve met so many great people working on behalf of GoDaddy – I’m beyond thankful.”

Jin Wu

“I live by this quote and preach it to my son daily. You can be anything you want in this world….BE KIND! In photography, I get to practice kindness with all the local businesses by connecting and establishing networks for them and myself. For that reason, I love being a freelance photographer!”

Rona Lee

“I enjoy capturing the lives of local entrepreneurs creating, exploring and doing what they do best, especially in their world. It’s inspiring to watch them live their dreams and to hear about their journey.”

Myles Katherine Coleman

“I love getting to know the small businesses in my area and feeling like I’m connecting with the community. I always end up exploring new parts of town and uncovering hidden secrets about my city. Every shoot is different which is exciting for me as a photographer because there is always something new to capture.”

Jeannie Liautaud

“My favorite part of being a freelance photographer is the opportunity to create and capture authentic moments. I love making my subjects feel comfortable, breaking their walls down to show a glimpse of what makes their business unique.”

Marshall Tidrick

“To put it simply, I’m never bored. Every day brings new subject matter and challenges along with it, being a freelancer helps me improve my photography by always stretching my limits. One day I’m shooting chocolate, the next day I’m taking photos of a horse ranch.”

Ross Curry

“The variety of photo shoots is the best part about photographing local businesses. It’s never boring. It always keeps me on my toes, and gives me an opportunity to utilize all of my photography skills.”