Outtakes | Episode 4: Kelly Ngo of Chromatone Studios

By GD Photo Network


Welcome to another episode of the Outtakes podcast! We have a very special guest joining us on our latest episode. Meet Kelly Ngo, the multi-talented creative force behind Chromatone Studios, a Chicago-based content agency that specializes in photo and video production, with a strong focus on commercial work. Kelly is a highly skilled photographer and videographer, renowned for her unwavering dedication to perfectionism and her boundless creativity. With years of experience in the industry, she has honed her unique style and artistic vision, which shines through in every frame she captures. Beyond her passion for content creation, Kelly has a love for fashion, design, music, and her adorable Shiba Inu, all of which add an extra touch of inspiration to her work. Get ready to dive into an engaging conversation as we explore Kelly’s journey, her distinctive style, and her insights into the ever-evolving world of photography and content creation.

You can see more of Kelly’s work at chromatonestudios.com or follow her on TikTok: